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How many more qualified applicants could you put forward for a job if all of your jobseekers had high quality, professional CVs? If they all knew how to sell their transferrable skills? How much more income would that translate into for you?

CV Assistant takes the educator's role by asking all the right questions, assembling all of the required information, and formatting it to a refined, professional level. The CV Assistant software is easy to use, and puts a well organised, professional looking CV within anyone's reach.

CV Assistant's functionality can be yours, added seamlessly to any website and branded with your company / organisation name, logo and colour scheme.

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For employment agencies, educational bodies and other organisations, the CV Assistant software provides a way to improve the employability of your entire applicant pool, as well as an easy way to track, compare, and manage your applicants. Your website becomes more popular as you can offer this service free to your clients, and the added value for them makes you money rather than costing you. You can't beat win-win


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